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We are your leading private concierge service with 150 combined years of international expertise in the concierge and hospitality industry. Recognized by World CNN Headline News for the creation of the private and corporate concierge concept, and booking the late Princess Diana to Chicago, we offer you instant preferential treatment, fine discrimination, and a skilled concierge liaison needed in a world where time is your most valuable commodity.

For a company or a busy professional, Concierge Unlimited International allows you immediate knowledge about the newest restaurants, cultural events and otherwise impossible to access venues. From reserving a VIP table at a Michelin rated restaurant in Paris, superb seats to a sold out show in London, hotel room in overbooked Chicago, or delivering a bottle of fine champagne to your prospective client in New York...We earn your trust through sharing our expertise on your premises, or by private member access. Let Concierge Unlimited open the door to your "impossibles".

concierge unlimited international | 20 north wacker drive, suite 1730 | chicago, illinois 60606
phone: 312.220.0500  |  fax: 312.220.0525  |  toll-free: 800.220.0525
e-mail: request@conciergeunlimited.com

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Let us open the door to your "impossibles."